12 Feb. 2014

Episode 23 Part 3 – What Becomes a Go-Go Duo Most?

Welcome back for part three of  What Becomes a Go-Go Duo Most with Seth Fornea and Jared LeBlanc! Folks, this is the portion of the interview you’ve been waiting for, whether you realize it now or not. This is one of those moments where we truly get to connect to our guests in that honest, […]

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05 Feb. 2014

Episode 23 Part 2 – What Becomes a Go-Go Duo Most?

In this second part of What Becomes a Go-Go Boy Most, Seth Fornea and Jared LeBlanc let us go deeper –much deeper– into who they really are, and we get more juicy tid-bits of how they became the club circuit’s currently reigning dancing kings. Plus, you’ll get to hear how Jared’s been stretching his muscles […]

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29 Jan. 2014

Episode 23 – What Becomes a Go-Go Duo Most?

Well let me tell you, B and I have been excited to do this interview ever since it was first hinted at somewhere around Thanksgiving, and we could not have felt more lucky that two awesomely nice and equally-awesomely beautiful guys–Seth Fornea and Jared LeBlanc–took time out from a brief vacation to sit down with […]

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24 Jan. 2014

Episode 23 Teaser – Seth Fornea and Jared Bradford LeBlanc

Teaser from the upcoming Episode 23 show with Seth Fornea and Jared Bradford LeBlanc… I feel like B and I got a very privileged peek into the kinds of conversations that can happen when gingers collide–metaphorically speaking, in this case. We love our full-time ginger and photographer Ian. He plays well with others. ~ Ric

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20 Dec. 2013

Episode 21 – ‘Tis the reason…

We are BACK, ladies and gentlemen…or XXXMas whores, whichever you prefer. We hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving, as we did, and that you’re feeling ready to tackle the next big holiday on tap We missed you guys and gals as we regrouped from that INTENSE Halloween episode, and now that we have our […]

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09 Oct. 2013

Episode 20-1 – Don’t Label Me

  On part 1 here, we discuss (insert ominous and bombastic sound-byte) (and a gasp) LABELS (!!!). Yes. They aren’t pretty (unless they’re made of complimentary words) and they often cause great divides between us. They can also be a source of identification to help bring people together when it’s not so easy to tell […]

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24 Sep. 2013

Episode 19 – Gawwwd Chanelta!

On and within and all over this scattered, smothered, covered and chunked (with drunken verbal-vomit) episode, we attempt to–no, we really do–address the issue of the negative stereotypes still heaped upon women and gay men in the American culture that we know to date. One, lone, hearsay based comment, spawned several hundred miles away and […]

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